How To Download Apps on Android Without Google Play 2021 Tips

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Check How To Download Apps on Android Without Google Play

If you are an Android user, the Google Play Store is the safest and most convenient way to get all the apps. However, there are other ways to get apps.

There are also Android apps that don’t exist on the Google Play Store. You can these apps on your Android device anyway. Installing an application from places other than Google Play is known as a side download.

Recently, the interest in side-downloading increased again with the worldwide popularity of the Fortnite game. The game is available for Android, but you must do it from the official website instead of the Play Store.

This article will explain how to use your Android apps from sources other than Google Play.

Modify settings

The Android operating system does not allow you any applications outside the Play Store by default. Since all other methods are not that reliable, you have to venture beyond the Play Store carefully.

Before you start downloading, you need to modify the system settings on your Android. There are two different methods depending on your version of Android.

Android 8.0 and newer

If your device is loaded with Android 8.0 and later versions, you must:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ in your application menu.
  2. Look for the ‘Applications and notifications’ menu.
  3. Tap ‘Advanced’.
  4. Go to ‘Access to special applications’.
  5. Tap on ‘Install Unknown Applications’ and search for your internet browser.
  6. Touch the browser.
  7. Check “Allow from this source”.

This will allow your browser to get applications from sources other than Google Play.

Android 7.0 and earlier

With older versions of Android, the system does not split fonts. Instead, you must enable an option to get files from all available sources.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ in the menu.
  2. Touch “Security.”
  3. In the Security menu. look for ‘Device Management’.
  4. Check ‘Unknown sources’.

Enabling this option can put your device at risk as it allows unknown sources to automatically store files on your device. If your device is not sufficiently protected, it can get infected.

Where to download an APK file

An Android Package Kit (APK) is an executable file that installs an Android application. Play Store and install them automatically. For the side download, you will need to find a suitable repository.

  • APK Mirror is a reliable website where you can find legal APKs. Most of them are older versions of current Play Store apps. They are completely legal and generally risk free.
  • Aptoide is a gigantic APK database where you can find things that don’t exist in the Play Store, like Pokémon GO. This place is decentralized and presents potential security risks, so you should always verify what you are doing before opening the file.
  • If you have an Amazon account, you can get apps from the official Amazon app store. Here you will find countless paid and free applications. You can also get some premium apps for free with certain Amazon giveaways and promotions.
  • GetJar has over a million APKs that you can. There are many filters and categories to choose from. It also has apps for iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Besides that, all the apps are completely free.

Where to find side-loading APK files

Most APK users like Aptoide or GetJar will automatically install the app once you use them. Occasionally the APK will go to your browser folder.

You can get to your default folder with these steps:

  1. Tap the ‘My Files’ app in the app menu.
  2. Find the ‘Documents’ folder.
  3. Go to the ‘s’ folder.

Here you will find all your latest news. Find the APK file and tap on it. The installation should begin.

How safe are APK files?

APK files are generally safe if you get them from trusted sources. For example, APK mirror contains safe APK files, but they are older versions of Play Store apps.

On the other hand, Aptoide is an open source er that is not analyzed or controlled. Therefore, it is possible for malicious files to escape there.

You can always scan the file with an antivirus application on your device before opening it. However, the reliability of an antivirus scan is never 100%.

This is why Android doesn’t allow you files from unknown sources by default. Google Play Store is still the most reliable way to get your apps. But you may not have a choice if you are looking for an app that is not available on the Play Store.

You know? Some may liken it to a one night stand. There are always risks and rewards that you will have to weigh and decide.

Final words: How To Download Apps on Android Without Google Play

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