How to download Fortnite on Android devices (2021 guide)

Fortnite has lived up to its name and established itself as one of the most popular battle royale titles in the market. However, the absence of the game from the Google Play Store has restricted the game’s popularity to PCs and other consoles.

One thing that gamers are not aware of is that Fortnite can be played on Android devices without Google Play Store access. There are no hacks as such and the procedure is absolutely legal.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for gamers on how to download Fortnite on Android devices in 2021.

How to get Fortnite for Android devices in 2021

To include the masses, Epic Games rolled out the mobile version of Fortnite a few years ago. However, due to several complications, it was removed from the Google Play Store.

While not as simple anymore, players can still get Fortnite for Android by following these steps:

  • Users will need to go to any web browser and type “Fortnite Mobile on Android”
  • From the list of results, gamers will be required to select the official link from the Epic Games Store
  • Clicking on that option will take them to the official Epic Games website. Once on the official page, they will notice a yellow-colored option at the top right corner of the screen
  • Clicking on this option will start downloading the Epic Games application on an Android device
  • However, players may have to grant a few permissions as the download is taking place from an external source
  • Once the file has been downloaded and installed, players can now step into Fortnite

Note: It should be noted that the game is not accessible on Android devices that have low system specifications

Epic Games went on to face a legal battle against tech giant Apple regarding in-game purchase conflicts. The verdict was ruled in favor of Apple, however, Epic Games might appeal once again.

Due to these complications, Fortnite is currently out of the App Store and Google Play Store. With the noose of legal engagements looming, it is quite unlikely that Fortnite will be released officially in these stores any time soon. Gamers may have to rely on the external download feature for the time being to enjoy Fortnite on their Android devices.