How to download the NBA 2K22 face scan app on iPhone/iOS and Android/APK

NBA 2K22 has finally arrived, and tons of players are looking to use the MyNBA2K22 face scan app to bring their own appearance into the game.

With the app already a hot topic and so many creating their MyPLAYER builds, we’ve got details on how you can get the MyNBA2K22

MyNBA2K22: How to download the NBA 2K22 face scan app

MyNBA2K22 is the app everyone is looking for, especially as you get prompted when creating a new MyPLAYER in NBA 2K22 to go find and download it.

The official NBA 2K22 website isn’t exactly clear on the situation, with one area stating the apps are “COMING SOON” and another stating they’ve arrived.

SOON OR ARRIVED: Which one is it NBA 2K22?

Once you have the app, players are expected to be able to do more than just take a face scan to personalize your MyPLAYER.

You should also be able to use the app to check your VC Balance, redeem Locker Codes, and keep an eye on upcoming events or daily news.

Download MyNBA2K22 on iPhone/iOS and the Apple App Store

As of now, the MyNBA2K22 has yet to show up on the Apple App Store for iOS, which leaves iPhone users out in the cold right now.

MISSING: The app has yet to appear in Apple’s App Store

It’s likely that the app is still going through an approval process that’s stalled on the Apple side, though 2K could’ve made an effort to get things approved earlier so the launch wasn’t delayed like this.

Right now, you can see above that a search of the App Store only finds last year’s options, and nothing yet for NBA 2K22, but that could change any day now.

Download MyNBA2K22 on Google Play Store and Android (APK)

The situation is a little more complicated for the Google Play Store and Android users, as the MyNBA2K22 app initially went live a few hours before NBA 2K22 was released.

The Google Play Store listing for MyNBA2K22 was reachable at that time, but it seems to have vanished from search now and isn’t findable via the store.

GOOGLE GONE: MyNBA2K22 was there before, but not anymore

However, there is a potential workaround, as many users have been locating the raw APK file which seems to have been logged when the app initially went live on the store.

It’ll likely appear back on the Google Play Store soon, but this workaround is an option for Android users, though it’s one we can’t guarantee is without risk.

Downloading a raw APK file from another website rather than through the Google Play Store could still cause issues for your device, so take these steps at your own risk.

The following three websites are currently showing a downloadable version of the MyNBA2K22 APK file:

Again, we have to reiterate that there is risk in doing this, and we’d suggest players wait until the official version reappears on the Google Play Store in the coming days.