How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook iOS, Android & Web

Facebook has a dark mode option that is easier on the eyes and can save a device’s battery. It can be enabled on the web, iOS, or Android.

Like many other services, Facebook offers a dark mode for iOS, Android, and the web that switches out dark text on a bright background for light text on a dark background. Dark modes are easier on the eyes, especially at nighttime, and can also help to reduce smartphone and laptop battery use. However, some Facebook users were recently surprised to see that the option to turn on dark mode had disappeared.

It wasn’t initially clear why the option to enable dark mode had disappeared but, eventually, Facebook confirmed that there had been a technical issue and that it was working to fix it. In the meantime, a potential fix for those missing dark mode on iOS did the rounds. Fortunately, the issue has been resolved for many people, while for others it may just be a case of updating the Facebook app. However, the whole episode provides a timely opportunity to remind people how to change the dark mode settings on Facebook — or to explain it for the first time for those who may not have been aware of the option.

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Whether you’re using Facebook on the web or via one of its mobile apps, changing the dark mode settings are simple. Web users should pull up the Facebook homepage and look for the downward-pointing arrow button in the top right corner. Clicking this will open a drop-down menu in which there is a ‘Display & accessibility’ option. Selecting that will pull up a further menu in which Facebook’s dark mode can be toggled on or off. It’s also possible to toggle on or off a ‘Compact mode’ that makes font size smaller so that more can fit on the screen and to tinker with some keyboard shortcut settings.

Facebook Dark Mode On iOS & Android

Facebook dark background

iOS users, meanwhile, should open the Facebook app and look for the hamburger menu that looks like three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner. Tapping that will pull up a menu in which there is a ‘Settings & Privacy’ option. This expands when tapped to show a ‘Dark Mode’ menu item, among others. Once that has been selected, users are presented with three choices: on, off, or ‘System.’ The first two are self-explanatory, turning dark mode either on or off, while the ‘System’ option defaults the dark mode setting to whatever is selected in the phone’s overall settings. It’s a neat little trick that can help to provide consistency across apps.

The process is much the same for Android users, but they should look for the hamburger menu in the top right corner rather than at the bottom. Once tapped, users will see a menu with the same ‘Settings & Privacy’ option. That, in turn, will show a ‘Dark Mode’ option when tapped where users can change the setting to their preference.

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