How to fix Candy Crush not loading on iPhone and Android (2021)

Candy Crush players on iPhone (iOS), iPad, and Android are having problems with the mobile game. A sour glitch is preventing users from having a sweet time with the smartphone and tablet app in 2021. But, is there a quick and easy Candy Crush not loading bug fix? Here’s how to solve the annoying loading problem with King’s popular puzzle game.

Candy Crush not loading on iPhone and Android fix (2021)

Here’s how to fix Candy Crush not loading on iPhone, iPad, and Android smart devices:

  1. Check @CandyCrushSaga for status updates.
    • There’s a server issue today (October 27, 2021).
    • Once the problem is fixed, Candy Crush should load.
  2. No issues? Close the Candy Crush application.
  3. Reboot the iOS or Android device.
  4. Delete and re-download the Candy Crush app.
  5. Contact King Games Support for specialist help.

After following all of the above steps, Candy Crush should load on iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets. The Candy Crush failing to load up bug can be a real headache, so it’s fortunate that the solution is a fast and simple fix. In just a few minutes, most users will be back to playing the game and matching candies to their heart’s content.

The Candy Crush loading error is usually due to an issue on the developer’s end, meaning that users simply need to wait and try again later. In some cases, however, the problem can be due to corruption or conflicting files on a device. In this situation, closing the game, resetting the phone or tablet, and performing a fresh install are all potential fixes.

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