How to install apps on JVC Smart TV?

Looking for ways to install apps on your JVC Smart TV? We came across a lot of content regarding this query. JVC TVs are quite popular across the world. But, it is easy to get confused regarding the features as there is a long list of JVC TVs available. We recommend you educate yourself on the JVC TV you are planning to get to avoid confusion in the future. Let us tell you that JVC “Smart” TVs don’t let you download apps. You will have to make do with the in-built apps provided in them or use a Roku TV stick. However, you can download apps on JVC “Android” TVs using the Play Store app. Read this article to know more.

How to install apps on your JVC Smart TV?

As mentioned earlier, you cannot download extra apps on your JVC Smart TV. You can only access the apps that come with the TV. JVC TVs include in-built apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Youtube. You will be able to access them through the JVC Smart Center. Look for the smart center button on your remote, or refer to the TV guide that came with the box.

Want to download apps on your JVC Smart TV? Many owners are confused regarding this because of widespread misinformation. Most reports suggest that you cannot download additional apps on your JVC Smart TV. However, we are listing the steps to download apps applicable to most smart TVs. You can use a Roku TV stick/any media streaming stick with your Smart TV to download extra apps. If you own a JVC Roku Smart TV, follow these steps to download apps –

1) Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.
2) Select Streaming Channels.
3) Search for Channel.
4) Select the Channel you want.
5) Add the Channel.

Note: The above steps don’t apply to a JVC Smart TV if you are not using a media streaming stick like Roku or Amazon Firestick.

How to install apps on your Android TV?

If you own a JVC Android TV, you can download apps from the Play Store app. To download apps on your Android TV –

1) Press the Home button on your JVC TV remote.
2) Navigate to the Apps tab. You will see the list of apps you have on your TV.
3) Look for the Play Store app. Open the app, and there you will be able to search for, download, and install any Android app compatible with your TV.

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