How to join a FaceTime call on your Android or Windows device

Previously, your enthusiasm was disappointing when you wanted to call a FaceTime friend who doesn’t have an iPhone or other Apple device. Not so anymore.When iOS 15Even if you don’t have it Apple The device can talk on the device via FaceTime calls. If you think the FaceTime app will come out Android When Windows So is the device. As you can imagine, there are definitely pitfalls to this new FaceTime accessibility. The problem is that FaceTime calls need to be started or scheduled by someone using an iPhone with iOS 15 or another Apple device with the latest features. The person who started the call can invite others to the call by creating and sending a link. If you have a non-Apple device, you can follow the link to join the call with any device’s web browser.

If you’re an iPhone user and have upgraded to the latest iOS 15, you can easily call friends who have non-Apple devices.

Create FaceTime link

step 1.. Find the FaceTime app and open it on your iPhone.

Step 2.. You will see two large buttons in the app screen.Transparent[リンクの作成]The button and the green one next to it[新しいFaceTime]It is a button. Touch the “Create Link” button.

Step 3.. A menu will open from the bottom and you will be asked to add a name to the “FaceTime link”. Give the link a name.

Step 4.. The menu also has multiple sharing options, which you can use to copy or share the link using SMS or other apps.

Step 5.. It’s a good idea to join the call yourself before the person you sent the link to joins the call. Click on the name of the link you created[参加]Tap an option. Immediately, you are waiting in the waiting room for someone else to join the call.

Step 6.. When the person who is supposed to join the call receives the link, they can click the link and join the call using the web browser on any device. If someone else has the Apple device itself, the link will open in the FaceTime app.

Join the FaceTime link

step 1.. If you received a FaceTime call link, but you’re using Android or Windows, you can easily join the call by opening the link in your web browser.

Step 2.. If you are using Android, make sure your browser is updated. Tap where you received the link (WhatsApp, SMS, or email) and select Google Chrome from the menu that slides from bottom to top to open the link.

Step 3.. Asked for a name, enter it,[続行]Touch.

Step 4.. You should now see the message “Waiting for you to come in”. As soon as the caller approves the join request, you join the call.

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