How To Mix Audio On Instagram Reels Using The Android & iOS Apps

For Reels creators who want to use their own original audio, while also including a song or audio from another user, it’s quick and easy to do.

Instagram Reels offers users the opportunity to add audio to their fun and creative videos, including the option to mix original audio with music or tracks created by another user. Creators can also add an effect or filter, or change the speed of playback. Here’s how those interested in making their own Reels can easily mix audio they’ve created with audio already available through the Instagram app. 

Reels first launched in August of 2020 as a direct competitor to TikTok. While Reels were initially limited to just fifteen seconds long, Facebook quickly updated Reels to allow the creation of videos as long as thirty seconds. Then in July, creators gained the option to make Reels that were up to one-minute long. In another bid to compete with TikTok, which launched its Creator Fund in July of last year, Reels started working on ‘bonuses’ back in May. In addition to getting paid for Reels, creators will be able to discover “new earning opportunities” with Instagram Reels.  

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Reels users can mix original audio with music or another track directly within the Android and iOS Instagram apps. To begin, record the Reel with the original audio and then tap the Music note on the side of the screen. Users can then either choose from the list of songs that pop up or search for one. After adding the song, adjust the slider at the bottom of the screen to choose what part of the song that will play in the Reel. Then tap the Preview button followed by the music note at the top of the screen. The user will then be able to adjust the “Camera Audio” and music slider bars in the Audio Controls menu. Users can also slide their thumb up and down to adjust the volume of each component. Once ready, all that’s left to do is hit “Next” and “Share” to post the Reel as normal. 

How Reels Audio Licensing Works 

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For Reels that include licensed audio, the song name and the artist will be credited at the bottom of the Reel, with an icon of the album art in the bottom right corner. Tapping the icon will bring up the audio page for the track, which shows all the other recent Reels that the audio has been used in. If someone downloads a Reel with licensed audio, the audio won’t be included in the downloaded version. 

However, original audio is attributed to the creator and appears on its own audio page. If someone else uses that audio, those Reels will also appear on an audio page, and if someone downloads that Reel, the audio will still be heard in the downloaded Reel. Combining original audio with a song or any other audio is quick and easy, and provides Instagram users with yet another way to make a Reel their own. 

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