How to Play Android Games on Windows 11

The arrival of Windows 11 is already underway and many of us already have the new Microsoft operating system. But we also have good news, since we want to have the Android subsystem on our Windows computer, to be able to install the Google Play Store.

If we want to have Android on our computer and be able to enjoy all its applications, games and services, now there is a way that we can have it on a device that has Windows.

We will have to carry out several steps, including the installation of the Google Apps that are so popular and used, including the Play Store.

Let’s see what we have to do to achieve it.

Uninstall the Windows subsystem for Android

The way we have for us to function Google Play on Android and thus be able to play or install apps is to modify the Windows subsystem for Android and replace it with a modified one.

That is why we must warn that, if it is not done well or there is a problem, we may have data loss or a hardware driver, something that you should know before proceeding with this task.

We also have to tell you that we have done it and it has worked for us by following these steps:

We are going to Setting Windows 11. Then click on Applications in the menu that appears on the left. Now we must click on the first option in the menu on the right called Applications and Features. Once inside we look for the Windows Subsystem for Android in the list of applications. We click on the three dots on the right side and then on Uninstall. Now let’s Privacy & Security on the left panel. When we are inside, click on the tab For programmers within Security. Then we activate the Programmer mode. Now we click Yes in the next message that we get to ask ourselves if we are sure.

New Windows Subsystem for Android from Github

Now we must download a modified Windows subsystem from the Github website and for that we must be registered, so before continuing with the tutorial, you must activate an account on this website, making sure that the email you put is true, since you will send an access code.

Once this is done, the steps to follow are the following:

Now we go to the LSPosed MagiskOnWSA page on Github. We click on the button Folk which is in the upper right corner. It may take a few seconds. If for whatever reason you lose this page by going back to Your Repositories by clicking on your profile, you can retrieve it. Once on this page, click Actions, which is in the upper right. This is when we must click on Magick (on the right of the image) and then click on the button on the left that says Run workflow. A window will open in which we must put at the bottom, where you lose writing beak, so that the version we want of the GApps (Google applications). If you know these terms and want another variant, that will be to your liking. Then you have to click on the green button that says Run workflow. It will take a while to process and will show an orange marker, until the moment it is done you will see a click surrounded by a green circle. Once downloaded, click on Magisk and in the next window to which we go we scroll down until we contemplate the option Artifacts. In there we will have the ARM and x86 version of the modified WSA package, so we must choose the one that suits our computer. The package will be downloaded, taking into account that, although in Artifacts it said that it was more than one gigabyte, which is download is a ZIP about 800 MB. Now we unzip said file in a folder that we create, giving it the name we want. We open the folder where we have unzipped the ZIP and look for the file called Install.ps1 Once we find it, click with the right mouse button on it and select Run with PowerShell. Now we give it permission to run it and we will see how it takes very little to work. At that time we look for Windows Subsystem for Android in the Start menu and open it. We activate the Developer Mode in the subsystem configuration. At that moment we click on Manage developer settings, allow diagnostic data when prompted, and click Allow access when prompted by Windows Firewall. After a while we will have Google Play Store installed on your Windows 11 system. We just have to go to Start menu and search for it, since it will have been installed like any other application. From now on we must register with our account and install programs and apps in the same way that we do on our smartphone, to later enjoy them in Windows 11.

As you have been able to read, it is a fairly simple way to have Windows 11 games and apps on our Windows 11 computer, although it is true that there are quite a few steps.

In this way you will be able to enjoy the games that you like so much on your Android mobile phone on your computer with the Microsoft operating system.