How to play Sheltered 2, Overcooked, and more on Android- 9to5Google

The arrival of cloud gaming has made it possible to stream games from your phone that you’ve never had the chance to play on a mobile form factor, from groundbreaking AAA titles to super-fun indies. That includes hits such as the Overcooked series to newer games, like the just-released Sheltered 2, which you can now play on your Android device with GeForce NOW.

Launched this week, Team17’s latest title is Sheltered 2. The survival management title puts players in charge of an underground shelter in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The game is part of this week’s GFN Thursday, a weekly update on the latest games coming to GeForce NOW.

As the leader of a faction, you’ll gather and use resources for those in the base while dealing with threats of all kinds. Venturing outside of the shelter puts everyone at risk of starvation, radiation, and enemy raids. Leaders can also send expeditions outside of the shelter to find other camps and befriend and trade with them, or battle head-to-head to expand your own base.