How to Run Multiple Android Apps on Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’

(Photo : Screenshot From Microsoft Website) How to Run Multiple Android Apps on Windows 10 ‘Your Phone’

How to run multiple Android apps on Windows 10 Your Phone might be difficult to do but through the proper use of Your Phone, users will be amazed. Microsoft has actually been trying to bridge the gap between its one and only OS and the mobile OS that the company already has some influence over.

Windows 10 Your Phone

With the Windows 10’s Your Phone app, users can try to link almost any particular Android phone in certain ways but its full potential is actually only realized if users have the latest high-end Samsung phones. It also sometimes does not even work for other older high-end Samsung phones.

According to a story by SlashGear, this changes quite a bit today now that the 2019 Samsung flagship phones can finally use one of the Windows 10’s Your Phone’s compelling features. At its most basic, the official Windows 10 Your Phone app allows Android phone owners to see their simple notifications on their desktop and even simply reply to text messages through their PC.

Check Your Phone’s Photo Gallery

Users will be able to access their phone’s photo gallery or even copy files between different devices but only through the Windows 10 Your Phone main window. Some of the Samsung devices also get the ability to be able to mirror the phone’s screen but that’s basically just the tip of the iceberg.

Windows 10 Your Phone also has an Apps feature which allows users to simply run a number of Android apps on the desktop just like they were actual native Windows apps. Back in the day, that was actually limited to just three apps at a time but it has now ever since expanded to run more than just three apps. The only restriction as of the moment is still the devices that support that particular feature.

List Includes Samsung Galaxy Note

MSPowerUser noted that the list was actually silently expanded in order to include the Galaxy Fold and even the Galaxy Note 10 series. This also includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

There are now certain phones that were previously launched some time back in 2019 so it was not really certain that they would still be able to get some attention. Quite curiously, the 2020 Samsung Galaxy S20 was also just added to the growing list as well.

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Windows 10 Your Phone with Microsoft and Samsung

Windows 10 Your Phone now definitely puts an interesting spin on the partnership that happens between Microsoft and Samsung. Quite unfortunately, the support features on the different supported phones can also be quite a confusing mess.

As of the moment, there are certain third-party tools that technically try to offer some of these growingly popular features but it is still quite hard to beat the deeper integration when the official OEM is the one that is working directly along with Microsoft. The convenience offered by Your Phone is meant to help users access certain phone applications through their computer.

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