How To Send SMS From Your Windows PC And Leave Your Phone Untouched

You no longer need to pick up your Apple iPhone or Android phone every time you need to send a text message or SMS. This is apart from the desktop apps that you have for instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook’s Messenger, for instance. You probably didn’t realise this, but there are really good apps that allow you to sync your phone with your PC and you can send and receive SMS from your PC, as long as the phone is synced with the PC, and not have to switch from one screen to the other while you work. A lot of these apps have slightly differing approaches to functionality, but the final mission remains the same, which is to bring the convenience of SMS and text messaging to your computer.

AirDroid: AirDroid is a well-known name in the world of messaging from a computer. File transfers, backup and sync, contact management, and even the ability to record screenshots from your PC are just a few of the features of this app. With the premium version, you can transmit bigger files, entire folders, and an infinite number of files, but the free version should work well for a lot of users.

Microsoft Your Phone: Microsoft Your Phone is a mobile companion app for Microsoft Windows and Android phones. For everything to function, you’ll need to install both the PC and phone versions.Newer versions also allow you to make phone calls and reflect your screen. Anyone with a Windows PC should start with this one, especially since it’s completely free.

MightyText: For many individuals, MightyText is a popular choice. The app’s free edition allows you to send 250 messages each month. The premium edition is a $6.99/month membership service that eliminates the text restriction, allows you to receive live notifications, and provides a few additional benefits.

Join: Join is a recent alternative for sending text and SMS from your computer. You’ll be able to accomplish things on your browser rather than on your phone.The software can also display alerts, share your clipboard between devices, access Tasker and Google Assistant, transmit files, take screenshots, adjust your background, and even share your location.

Mysms: This app’s claim to fame is that it works without the use of a browser plugin. It comes with native applications for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, iPad, and macOS, as well as a Chrome extension.The subscription fee is also significantly lower than that of most of its competitors. As a result, it is the least expensive non-free choice on the list.

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