How to use an SD card for app storage on Chromebooks 2021 Tips

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Check How to use an SD card for app storage on Chromebooks

Chromebooks are great little devices, and their popularity has exploded during the pandemic. However, they are known to be light on storage space. Fortunately, many Chromebooks have the option of adding additional storage via a USB drive or an SD card slot.

This is useful when you have files that you have downloaded or created and need a place to save them. But what happens when an application needs more storage space? A good example of this would be the Netflix app, which can download videos to watch when you’re offline.

In that case, you will need to enable file storage on the SD card. It’s not really much of a hassle, but we’ll walk you through the process and show you how to do it.

How to Make Chromebook Android Apps See Your SD Card

To get started, you must first open your Chromebook settings, click “Device,” select “Storage Management,” then “External Storage Preferences,” and finally identify and enable your SD card, as shown below. To speed things up, you can also look for “External Storage Preferences” in the Chrome OS settings or launcher and enter the menu right away. Once you have enabled your external storage, you must restart your device before continuing.

How to configure Android apps to use your SD card for downloads

After restarting, open Chrome OS settings again and navigate to Google Play Store option and select “Manage Android Preferences”. If you don’t want to scroll through all the settings, just type “Android Preferences” in the search bar or Chrome OS launcher to go directly to the necessary entry. A new window should open with Android preferences.

In Android preferences, select the “Applications and notifications” entry and you will find a list of your installed Android applications. Scroll to find the app you want to use with SD storage and tap on it. To speed things up, you can alternatively search for the Android settings for the respective app, as shown a bit below for Plex. If you want to enable SD card support for multiple apps, you will need to do it one at a time by repeating the following steps.

Touch the desired application to enter its “Application Information” screen, select the “Permission” entry and enable “Storage”, if it is not already there. Then you need to open the application in question and proceed with its configuration.

In the case of the Plex app, you’ll need to update the “sync” option to move data to expanded storage. For Netflix, it will change the “Download Location” from internal to external storage. You may need to restart the app or even your device before the new download location appears.

Configure SD storage settings for Plex (top) Netflix (bottom).

Finally, to force these changes to take effect, completely close the applications you adjusted and restart them again. Your apps, like Netflix and Plex, will now be able to use your external SD card to store downloads.

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