How to use Apple’s FaceTime on an Android phone

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central

Let’s face it, living in the Android world is fantastic. Android users have many options when choosing the devices and software customizations that truly make our devices personal and unique. We often get these features years before other platforms do, if they ever do at all. However, one area that has been a pain point has been messaging and video chatting with our Apple-loving friends. Even though there are loads of good alternative apps, these folks still tend to prefer using iMessage and FaceTime. Well, the good news is, we won’t be left off of those FaceTime calls any longer. So let’s jump in and learn how to use FaceTime on an Android phone.

How to use FaceTime on an Android phone

Now, this option is relatively new, having been released by Apple with its iOS 15 update in the fall of 2021, but it works on any of the best Android phones, budget devices, and even Windows PCs. Your Apple friends will have to initiate a video call, but your part as the recipient is pretty easy.

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  1. Tap on the FaceTime link to join the call.
  2. Type in your name (or a fun nickname).
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Grant any necessary permissions to use your device’s microphone and/or camera.

    How To Use Facetime On Android Enter Name

    How To Use Facetime On Android PermissionsHow To Use Facetime On Android UnblockSource: Android Central

  5. Tap Join.
  6. Wait for the person who sent the invitation to let you in on the call.
  7. Enjoy your video call.
  8. Tap Leave when you’re ready to hang up.

    How To Use Facetime On Android Waiting

    How To Use Facetime On Android In CallHow To Use Facetime On Android Call DetailsSource: Android Central

That’s all there is to it, really — you just accept the link and join the call.

While you’re on the call, you will have access to onscreen controls for things like muting and unmuting your phone’s microphone, turning your camera on and off, using full-screen mode, or switching from your selfie cam to the front-facing camera. You can even turn on grid layout to see all the participants at once, much like on other video chatting services like Zoom or Google Meet.

When we first asked our readers if they were excited about the idea of FaceTime coming to Android, we received a rather tepid response. Granted, this implementation isn’t quite the same as having a dedicated FaceTime app for Android, it’s a good workaround for now. The more we can bring Android and iOS fans and friends together, the better off we all are!