How To Use Memoji On Android Phones

Memoji aren’t officially supported on Android phones, but with a little help from an iPhone there are ways to get around this limitation.

While Android phones cannot officially use Apple’s Memoji 3D cartoon characters, there is a workaround that makes it possible. Memoji are like a more refined version of regular emoji but larger and with a more realistic look, making them similar to something out of a Pixar movie, with character presets ranging from animals to a ghost or a robot. Customized characters are possible and provide the most fun of all.

Apple first introduced Memoji in 2018 with the option to personalize the appearance to be a fun version of how they’d look as a video game or animated movie character. It’s also possible to make multiple versions and go beyond a caricature of the actual person. For example, sporting blue skin and purple hair. There are plenty of accessory items included as well, including hats, clothes, jewelry, and glasses.

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Since Memoji aren’t directly supported on Android, some help will be needed from someone with access to an Apple device. Memoji can be created on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook, or Apple Watch. After one is created, the expressions that are wanted can be sent over text to an Android device and then downloaded one at a time by tapping and saving. There’s no quick way to get them all, so it’s best to be prepared to spend some time on this project. After all of the Memoji expressions are in the gallery, they can then be used in any app that accepts images from the photo gallery which is usually Google Photos. The same workaround can also help to make Memoji easier to use in some third-party apps, such as WhatsApp.

Creating WhatsApp Stickers From Memoji

Apple iPhone Memoji iOS 15 Clothes

Various apps have ways of creating stickers or saving images for easy access, so it will take some exploration to figure out how to streamline finding the right Memoji. With WhatsApp, for example. the iPhone user can send Memoji one at a time to an Android phone to make it quick to get them in the app. Then it is simply a matter of tapping them and adding them to favorites for use later.

While there are alternatives, many tend to have a very different look. Perhaps Apple will develop a Messages app for Android someday. As unlikely as that might seem, it did bring Apple Music to Android recently and allows FaceTime calls to be joined from an Android phone, so it could still come to pass. Until that time, however, using Memoji on an Android phone will take a bit more effort and help from someone with an Apple device.

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