Hulu Adds New Widgets To Its Android App To Keep You Watching

Hulu has new widgets. And they’re designed to keep you engaged with Hulu’s content in the Android app. Both new Hulu widgets for the homescreen are aimed at keeping you watching. Which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Given Hulu’s business model is built on you viewing its streaming content.

It is a streaming service after all. Having said that, each widget is unique in the way that it attempts to grab the attention of users. If you aren’t sure how to add the new widgets, the process is pretty simple. And Hulu even has a short video guide to walk users through the process. You can view that video below.

Hulu has a “Keep Watching” widget that lets you easily resume content

You’ll find this on the main page of most streaming apps and it serves the same purpose here as it does there. The Keep Watching widget will surface shows and movies that you’re currently watching. Giving you readily available access to start one of them up at a moment’s notice. All from the homescreen of your device. And with minimal effort.

As you might guess, tapping on any of the content from the widget will launch the app and resume playback. If you’re someone who likes to binge content from time to time, or often, then this widget is for you. As now you’ll be able to dive into more content faster. Why launch the app when the widget can sit on your homescreen and take you right to the content you want?

You can also access general recommendations

The second widget simply puts Hulu’s general recommendations for you front and center. Maybe you don’t feel like watching anything that’s on your Keep Watching list. And would rather try something new.

Well with the general recommendations widget you can endlessly scroll through all of that right from the homescreen. Now it’s even easier to look at everything Hulu has to offer you, scroll for an hour, only to decide you just won’t watch anything because you couldn’t decide what to watch, and end up going to bed.

The new widgets should be headed out to all users as of today, so check the last time your app was updated.