Instant translation now in testing for YouTube comments whether it’s a good idea or not

The internet contains many a rabbit hole you can fall into and there is no shortage of them on YouTube. So, if you find yourself sitting through clip after clip from a Japanese restaurant vlogger and are wondering what the comments are saying — you can only presume they’re generally nicer than on certain other videos — you may have something to look forward to.

YouTube Premium subscribers now have access to an experimental translation feature which inserts a “Translate” button right below a comment that’s not in your primary language. Tapping on the button does just as it says. Users can flip back to the original comment by tapping on “See original.”

Instant translation now in testing for YouTube comments whether it's a good idea or not

Amen to non-stop beer.

Yes, it’s a rather simple convenience feature that’s been easily plopped down on other social platforms for the sake of many unsavory comments, but maybe we’re not looking at the right comments on the right videos?

The feature is available on both Android and iOS apps through September 9 in the experimental features section of the site. Feedback is highly encouraged.

YouTube restricted testing of these features to its Premium subscribers last October, so we can only guess as to how long it’ll take before more people are able to use this one.