Integrate video chat in your own apps and websites via Jitsi Meet SDK

Jitsi as a Service is actually a paid offer from Jitsi manufacturer 8 × 8, which you can use for free with up to 25 participants. To do this, register with your email address at jaas.8× If you want to integrate Jitsi into your own website, insert an HTML code snippet via copy & paste that 8 × 8 provides.

Running Jitsi as your own app on your smartphone is just as easy in theory: To do this, download the samples from the Jitsi Meet SDK from GitHub for Android (Download) or iOS (Download) download, open and compile the code in an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Android Studio or Xcode and download the result to your smartphone. Depending on which programming language you are more comfortable with, the finished code for Android is available in Java or Kotlin; for iOS there is also ObjectiveC in addition to Swift. We have linked instructions on how to integrate Jitsi as a video chat into your self-written app.

In practice, however, there are a few stumbling blocks that can make life difficult for Android studio beginners and app developer newbies. This article gives a brief overview of which files and scripts Android Studio needs to build an app and how you can test the app on an Android smartphone. We’ll also show you how to customize the look of the app and mirror your smartphone to your computer. This is useful if you want to show colleagues or friends the app on a split screen.

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