JioPhone Next to launch soon: What Reliance has revealed and not revealed about its first ‘Google smartphone’

Google JioPhone Next launch is almost here. At Reliance Industries 44th annual general meeting (AGM) held in June, the company announced its first ‘Google phone’. Called JioPhone Next, it will is an ultra-affordable smartphone running on Google’s Android operating system. At the event, held virtually, Google CEO Sundar Pichai too spoke about the JioPhone Next. He said that the two companies have collaborated to create a ‘special version of Android operating system’ for the phone. Here’s all that we know and do not know about the ultra-affordable 4G smartphone JioPhone Next.


​Confirmed: JioPhone Next launch date

JioPhone Next will launch in the country on the day of Ganesh Chathurthi, September 10.



​Confirmed: JioPhone Next to run on Android Go

Reliance JioPhone Next will run on Android Go, Google’s Android OS for smartphones with less than 2GB RAM. The Android Go version powering the JioPhone Next OS will be based on Android 11.



​Confirmed: JioPhone Next will Android software update for three years

Running on Google’s Android OS, JioPhone Next will get access to Google services and Android software updates for the next three years.



​Confirmed: JioPhone Next have Google Assistant built-in

Users will be able to use Google’s voice-based AI assistant Google Assistant on the ultra-affordable phone. Google Assistant can be used to know the latest cricket scores, weather updates, play music, check their balance on My Jio and more.



​Confirmed: JioPhone Next will come with both front and back camera sensors and HDR mode

The company has confirmed that the JioPhone Next will come with HDR mode that it claims will bring out wider colour and dynamic range in photos.



​Confirmed: JioPhone Next will come with customised Snapchat Lenses

Another feature that the company has confirmed is that it has partnered with Snap to integrate Snapchat Lenses directly into the phone’s camera.



​Confirmed: Google Play Store support

The JioPhone Next will support Google Play Store. This means that the users will be able to download Android apps from the store.



​Confirmed: Read Aloud and Translate feature

The JioPhone Next will come with language translation feature that will be able to read aloud content for users in native their language. The Read Aloud and Translate Now feature will translate what’s on users’ screen and read it in their preferred language.



​What is not confirmed: Processor

The company has not yet revealed the name of the processor which will power the JioPhone Next. Speculations suggest it to be the Qualcomm QM215 platform. It may be equipped with a 64-bit CPU and dual-ISP support.



​What is not confirmed: Screen resolution and size

The smartphone’s screen resolution too is not known yet. All that Jio said is that it will come with a high-resolution display. Rumours suggest that the JioPhone Next will have a HD display with the size ranging between 5.5-inch to 6-inch.



​What is not confirmed: Battery capacity

The upcoming smartphone is said to be backed by a 4,000 mAh battery, which is expected to last for a day on a single charge.



​What is not confirmed: SIM support

The company has also not confirmed whether the smartphone will come with single or dual-SIM support.



​What is not confirmed: Price

JioPhone Next is rumoured to be priced between Rs 3,500-Rs 4,000.