Jolla Wants to Be Alternative for Android in Cars With AppSupport

Jolla, a Finnish startup company that is almost ten years old, has set its sights on becoming an alternative to Google’s Android for cars. How? They recently launched a new product called AppSupport for Linux Platforms, which is meant to offer standalone compatibility with Android applications for the said operating system.

In other words, Jolla wants to use its AppSupport system to develop an infotainment solution that comes with standalone Android compatibility. The latter part is important, as Jolla’s fully-licensed Sailfish OS has had Android app compatibility since 2013.

The part with Android app compatibility means that the system would provide support for popular apps without reliance on Google. The latter aspect is important in markets where Google is not that popular, like Russia and China, but also where users want a more privacy-focused solution.

Jolla has managed to become profitable in 2020, and that has changed the company’s view of the future. With stable finances, the company will expand in the current direction, which is becoming an alternative to Google’s Android, even in open-source form, that will meet the needs of businesses and governments.

The Sailfish OS has reached its fourth generation in February 2021. It was first launched on the market in 2013, and it started as a platform to run trusted mobile solutions securely. Jolla is focused on remaining a European alternative to the current dominating mobile operating systems.

The Finnish company offers exclusive licensing options for local implementations, and Jolla hopes to enter the IoT market, as well as the automotive industry. In the case of the latter, companies would have another option for their infotainment systems, which would continue to have support for popular apps on Android.

As TechCrunch notes, Jolla was founded by a group of former Nokia staff. The company’s founders left the Finnish communications giant to be sure the world will have a Linux-based Android rival. While it took them several years to reach profitability, they are now ready for new directions with their product.