Leaks in Nintendo Wii plans (like the Android Prime 4, Shake, Mario Strikers and a Zelda)

Last year, Nintendo fell victim to a major leak. Today we have new information on the contents of the leaks. Among the many data recovered, there is an internal document that triggers the first Wii games, some of which could not see daylight.

Several projects are discussed:

  • A racing game, close to the Excite bike, but in a truck version with realistic graphics: the “toughest race in the world” (the toughest race in the world) game will finally be called the exciterk.
  • A MetroD game was to be announced after the Metro Prime.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Shake from Ocaria of Time is a game we play.
  • A note confirming the good reception of the cut screens by users in the Fire Emblem GameCube, and telling them to increase the size of the Fire Emblem radiation dawn.
  • Mario Strikers should be the launch title for the European version of the charged console.
  • Dance level Mario Mix (Mario Rhythm / Dance Game in GameCube) must have a sequel in Weave.
  • A game like Dynasty Warriors aimed at the North American people is referred to as “Hammer Man”, which would later become “Project Hammer”.
  • Racing game with pop art graphics, “Revo R” (canceled) released by HAL Labs
  • Version of the game “Jump Superstar” for Weave and created by Canberra. (Canceled)