Magic Revenge, TojoyGame’s casual idle RPG on Android, is also coming to iOS on July 25th | Articles

Casual idle RPG Magic Revenge is coming to iOS this July 25th after a successful run on Android. The action-packed title from TojoyGame features an easy auto-fight system that lets you reap rewards from battles even when you’re not actually playing the game.

Similar to AFK Arena, Magic Revenge lets players upgrade heroes and level up their skills to properly equip them for battle as the AI fights for you offline. The casual title features beautiful character designs and animations – admittedly, the charming visuals can definitely inspire you to recruit all the heroes to complete your collection of legendary characters. There are over a hundred of them to collect, by the way, so assembling a team from across six factions is already addicting in itself.

Of course, despite this being an idle game, you still have to strategize the best plan of attack when it comes to your team’s formations. Match classes and optimize your heroes’ factions to ensure the highest chance of survivability. Make sure that your hand-picked strike force of six heroes can deal the most damage to guarantee sweeping victories.

Apart from idle combat, you can also challenge yourself as you climb the Magic Tower, complete missions in the Mercenary Guild, launch offensives in the Airship, go on exhilarating Raids, and defeat Bosses with your friends for special rewards.

Magic Revenge is available to download on Google Play, with pre-orders now available on the App Store (although it’s titled Magic Revenge: Raid Legends over there). It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also join the community on Facebook for more info.

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