Material You inspires another fancy new YouTube Music widget

A ‘Now Playing & Recently played’ widget is coming soon to a homescreen near you

Google has been steadily updating its apps with Material You redesigns and has renewed its focus on widgets in the wake of Apple bringing them to the iPhone. The latest example comes as YouTube Music prepares an all-new “Now Playing & Recently played” widget.

The new design, which is already available on iOS, was previewed on the YouTube Music Twitter account on the day Android 12 was released (see image below), and now 9to5Google has enabled it.


The widget uses a 4×2 grid by default and can be expanded width-ways for a larger grid size, although it won’t display any extra content. We see the currently playing song at the top of the widget, along with like and play/pause buttons. Beneath those controls are your recently played tracks, so quickly replaying a song is easy with this on your homescreen.

Having quick access to recent songs and a play/pause button is great, but it would’ve been nice to see more media controls included as well. We don’t know when Google plans to release the new widget for everyone, but it’ll hopefully be soon.

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