Mother/Android Trailer Shows Chloe Grace Moretz Fight An AI Uprising

The official trailer for Hulu’s new Chloe Grace Moretz-led sci-fi thriller, Mother/Android, releases ahead of its December 17th release.

The trailer for Hulu’s Mother/Android starring Chloë Grace Moretz has arrived ahead of the film’s December release. The movie sees Moretz’ heavily pregnant Georgia attempt to escape an AI uprising alongside her boyfriend Sam, played by Detroit star, Algee Smith. Mother/Android is written and directed by Project Power‘s scriptwriter, Mattson Tomlin, with the upcoming Hulu sci-fi thriller serving as Tomlin’s directorial debut.

Moretz is no stranger to darker film roles, having started her movie career as Chelsea Lutz in 2005’s The Amityville Horror remakeDespite the film’s lukewarm reception, Moretz continued to prove her acting chops across a slew of genres, appearing in blockbuster comedy-action hits such as Kick-Ass, Martin Scorsese’s underrated Hugo, and stunning romantic horror, Let Me In. With Moretz’s career already full of vampires, ghosts and all manner of human devilishness, Mother/Android will see the actress take on faulty robots in her latest starring movie role.


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With less than a month to go before Mother/Android arrives on Hulu, the streaming service has dropped the film’s first trailer. The teaser opens with main protagonists Georgia and Sam camping out in the wilderness before quickly escaping a rogue AI attack. A festive-themed flashback scene lays the groundwork for how society’s breakdown began, with an AI barman glitching out during a Christmas party. In a tense scene toward the end of the trailer, Moretz’s Grace pushes herself through a gunfight while in a wheelchair. Watch the trailer below:

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So far, Hulu has kept their cards close to their chest with Mother/Android, with the trailer giving the best look yet at how the film will play out. It goes a long way to establishing the tone of the movie, as watching the pregnant Grace escape several encounters with the terrifying, melting-faced AI looks to be a truly thrilling spectacle. While there’s plenty of gunfights and action shown in the trailer, there’s also a lot of human investment too, with character development clearly a priority in Tomlin’s otherwise AI story. It also looks like Mother/Android will avoid similar films’ mistakes by showing different stages of the robot apocalypse, with one scene showing a city in the midst of falling, while another shows an already established group of freedom fighters, giving the backdrop of the movie far more depth than its sci-fi thriller shell could be mistaken for.

With the movie looking likely to explore its lore while offering plenty of action, tense moments, and character development, Mother/Android could well be a prime example of rogue AI movies done right. It’s a genre that Hollywood isn’t exactly devoid of though, but in recent years, there have been very few truly fantastic robot-based thrillers, Ex Machina notwithstanding. If, however, the movie doesn’t work out for Tomlin, he will also go on to lead Netflix’s upcoming Terminator anime show, with the movie director and writer seemingly doubling down on cautionary tech talesOnly time will tell where Mother/Android will sit in the long list of robot apocalypse movies, but with Moretz leading the cast, it’s bound to be, at the very least, a well-acted and fun thriller

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