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After being a huge fan of Apple since 2006 when I bought my first Apple product (a Macbook), I decided to switch. Moved from iPhone to Android and I sold my Macbook Pro and I’m learning how to use Linux (Fedora).

I’m not trying to incite hate. I’m just explaining the reasons I’m happy with the switch.

1 – Android is more private than iOS; I’m not talking about Google’s Android. I’m using CalyxOS and it works great. Apple says what happens in your phone stays in your phone but we all know Tim Cook is full of crap.

2 – Android phones are cheaper; I’m not talking about crappy ones. You can get a Google Pixel 3 (in good condition) for less than $100. You’ll only get an iPhone 7 for that price. Losing a lot of value is not good when you buy new but if you feel like switching to Android, $100 + 30min to install CalyxOS is easy.

3 – Android is way more configurable; You can sideload apps, have access to system files so you can copy files to and from the device, change the way the UI looks…

4 – Android is more private; I like how you can use a firewall to block apps from connecting to the internet…You dont need an iCloud account or Google’s to use the phone, you have a kill-switch for the VPN (so it wont leak yourIP).

5 – Battery lasts a lot; I guess not having Google or Apple’s tracking your phone in the background might help the device because the battery lasts more than a day using it. Of course, mileage might vary (GPS, ****ter all day…)

It takes time to find app replacements but you’ll find if you have patience. I was able to find polished apps for my needs.

I might post another thread with Linux but so far my experience have been subpar because Mac laptops are way better than the competition (even in price).