Netflix Gaming Platform Extends to Spain and Italy, Test Only Available on Android

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Netflix has confirmed its plans to include games as part of its subscription a few months ago. After testing the service in Poland, the streaming service is now open to release a selection of Android titles to users in Italy and Spain.

Netflix Games Expansion

While the streaming service had had some game titles before that was released for promotions, with tie-ins with Oculus VR and PC gamers on Steam, this gaming experience is built directly into Netflix’s app, according to The Verge.

The Netflix games test is only accessible on Android in the meantime. Tweets from its accounts in Spain and Italy show that the platform pushes customers to download the app on Google Play Store.

On Play Store, customers can install the titles that are playable as part of their Netflix subscription. After it is installed, the customers can launch the game from the main Netflix app, but it won’t show the movies or TV shows that they’ve downloaded because they will be shifted over to the game’s app.

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Currently, there are five games that customers can choose from; they are “Card Blast,” “Shooting Hoops,” “Stranger Things: 1984,” “Teeter Up,” and “Stranger Things 3.”

The five games are accessible in Poland through Netflix’s gaming app. P

An important change is that the gaming section already has its own section located at the bottom of the navigation bar. It should make for more visibility, according to TechCrunch.

When Netflix announced the gaming platform, the executives said that games would be included in members’ Netflix subscription at no additional cost, which is the same with shows and movies. The gaming app will be focused on mobile games.

Netflix is still in the early stages of its gaming project, and the company did not reveal anything about when it might be available in the United States.

Netflix’s Game Based on “Kate”

The streaming giant announced a new game based on the recent action film that was released. The movie “Kate,” which stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Woody Harrelson, was a massive hit when it came out.

The game that Netflix will launch is titled “Kate: Collateral Damage,” and it was developed by Ludic Studios, a gaming studio based in Brazil, according to GameStop.

The player will be Kate, an assassin who plans to seek revenge against a Yakuza boss. It is described as a roguelike game with time-attack action.

The game is scheduled to launch on Oct. 22 on Steam. “Kate: Collateral Damage” allows you to get guns and other weapons like submachine guns, pistols, katanas, and knives on your quest for revenge.

Every weapon in the game has limited bullets, so you need to have a strategy when fighting, and you need to seek out new weapons all the time.

The game also features a time bar located at the top of the screen. This feature allows users to know how much time you have until the poison kills you. If you take down the enemies, it slows down the timer.

A line from the game’s description says that the stimulant syringes, which are earned through gameplay, can restore the time bar of the game fully, and it can extend your run.

The stimulant syringes can also save you from any killing low. It will be up to you to consume the syringes to survive.

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