Netflix mobile games for Android arrive in Spain

It’s been a month since Netflix started testing its mobile games in Poland for those of its subscribers using Android devices, and from today, Netflix subscribers in Spain and Italy we also have the possibility of accessing the first game titles that the company makes available to us, as long as we use Android devices.

In total, there are five titles that games that make up the initial offer that Netflix, and that will gradually be deployed to all subscriber accounts in the aforementioned markets.

These titles are: “Shooting Hoops”, “Card Blast”, “Teeter Up”, “Stranger Things: 1984” and “Stranger Things 3: The Game”.

For now there is no news of its arrival on the iOS platform, although given its operation, there should be no problem with those who have had to face some platforms that offer their games through transmission from the cloud, in the case of Nvidia and Microsoft for example.

The idea is that Once we log into the Netflix application on Android, we find a new carousel with the games that we can download to our own mobiles.

The download for installation of each one of them it will be through Google Play Store, although as we already advanced a month ago, These games cannot be searched directly from the Google Play Store.

Once any of the titles is installed, the corresponding download button from the Netflix app will change to the “play” button, which will allow us to start the game directly from the Netflix application.

Let us remember in this sense that we can enjoy these games no additional cost on our subscription, no in-app purchases, and completely ad-free.

However, In addition to the two official games related to Stranger Things, we also find three titles that have nothing to do with the contents of the platform, which is a bit surprising, and that they are also arriving in Poland, where the availability of the platform’s mobile games began.

It is to be expected that, over time, the number of mobile games will grow, although given the movement made today with the arrival of three unofficial titles, we can expect much more in this regard in the future.

In this way, we will not only enjoy the audiovisual content that the platform offers us, but little by little we can also spend our time playing the titles that we will have at our disposal.

Image Credit: Netflix Spain on Twitter