OneDrive for Android’s PDF viewer is getting big improvements

Microsoft is planning some big improvements for the PDF viewer in the OneDrive app for Android.

Designed more to help commercial users than regular consumers, the improvements will make users who have to access a large number and variety of documents more productive on the move.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, OneDrive for Android users can expect the following improvements:

Support for night mode:

OneDrive for Android users will be able to change the appearance of PDF files in three main color modes which are day mode, night mode, and sepia for improved viewing.

Support for navigation via the Table of Contents:

OneDrive for Android users will be able to see an outline or table of contents that they can use to navigate.

Support for jumping to a specific page:

OneDrive for Android users will be able to move through PDF by typing the page number in Jump to page.

All the improvements are expected to hit the client during April, though of course dates may slip.

via Microsofters