Opinions of the new Lord of the Rings game for android

Fans of the Lord of the Rings, and Tolkien in general, have been waiting months (even years) for a decent game with well-captured characters from the books. Everything seemed to indicate that that moment would come this week with the launch, announced with great fanfare, of The Lord of the Rings: War, but said launch has been a great disappointment for thousands of users who uninstalled the huge app within hours of putting it on their devices, although many others are happy with the bet.

We are actually talking about a classic game of creating buildings, leveling them up, paying to make the process faster and seeing how whoever pays for everything is the one who always has the advantage, a clone of dozens of existing mobile games, but with a specific theme of Middle Earth.

Disappointed users

The bad opinions are counted by dozens in the Play Store:

And it is more of the same that comes out in recent years .. Games that are played alone. Eternal tutorials … boring … click here, now click there. Take this Prize, take this chest… And above all, completely based on the movies. Being able to take another path, and do something fresh and not …
– Eduardo Corigliano

A real shame … Being a licensed game from the Lord of the Rings movies, the most important saga in the history of cinema, for some reason I expected they would put a little effort into delivering a minimally original and quality game. Instead they chose to recycle the same game that already exists in the play store under countless names… you wait forever to build buildings, create units and send them to battles that are resolved automatically. Disappointed.
– Gerhart

It is boring, time consuming, and pay to win .. even if you work it out, those who pay will always give you cane… Not a bit of action or strategy is just waiting for time to pass… It took me 2 hours to realize it ..
– Jiminy Cricket

Neither strategy nor anything. The combats are simulated. The game consists only of improving buildings, conquering parcels on a huge map, and creating and improving your exercise, END. Disappointed….
– Alex B

Typical game of running a city but set in the Lord of the Rings. With 1000 different ways to pay to get benefits and be better than the others. In addition to being a fraud what they promised in the ads with the final game. A fraud.
– Ricardo Garcia

Anyway, we could go on like this all afternoon.

Who can like it

But there are also many positive opinions, surely from people who have just started in this type of game and do find it original. You can like it in three cases:

– If you have never played games like Dawn of Titans or Total War Kingdoms.
– If you do not spend a lot of time on other games, since The Lord of the Rings: War requires a lot of time to be able to advance each day.
– If you don’t mind paying to get things and not being left behind.
– If you don’t mind staying behind, without paying, and just enjoy the well-designed soundtrack and characters.

If you are interested in learning more about the mechanics of the game, and you have 90 minutes of time (I recommend increasing the speed of the video), take a look at these first impressions:

It is better to spend a little less than an hour watching the video than to go through all the eternal steps of the game to delete it later.