Perk up with high-tech coffee

The caffeine in a cup of coffee could blast me to the moon and back. I prefer tea. But when Kflow sent me a portable espresso machine, I had to try it out.  High-tech coffee!

All you do is add water and espresso grounds and push a button. The Portable Espresso Maker makes coffee in 30 seconds. It has 15 bars of pump pressure; the standard is nine. The more bars, the better, they say. I’m no connoisseur, but it tasted great in a latte.

The model I received doesn’t heat the water. But you don’t need to heat it to brew a cup. I added 10 ounces of hot soy milk, maple syrup and cinnamon to my blender, churning till it was foamy. Then I added my shot of espresso. Yum! A few sips and I was wired for the day.