Pixel Buds update adds Android home screen widget

The latest version of the Pixel Buds app for Android adds a home screen widget that Pixel owners may find particularly useful.

On any Android phone that isn’t a Pixel, the Pixel Buds app is a proper app in the drawer, just like the companion apps available for many other headphones. With it, you’re able to check on firmware updates, adjust Assistant settings, and more.

On Pixel phones, however, all of these features are integrated into the Settings app. Instead of opening the Pixel Buds app in the drawer, instead you need to open Settings, then “Connected devices,” and tap the gear icon next to your Pixel Buds. For some Pixel owners, this is more of an inconvenience than a useful integration.

Recently, the Pixel Buds app received an update to version 1.0.3909, and with it, Google has addressed this particular complaint by creating a new Android home screen widget. To find it, simply open up the widgets list, find “Pixel Buds” and choose the new “Shortcut” widget. You’ll then be prompted to select your preferred Pixel Buds — in case you have multiple sets paired — from a list. This will add a home screen icon styled and named after your pair of Pixel Buds.