Pokemon TCG App coming soon on Smartphones

Ever since the release of Pokemon’s Trading Card Game (TCG) back in 1998, the game has evolved and expanded to a wider audience. Pokemon TCG Live is soon coming to mobile phones and PC.

The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon TCG Live will have a soft launch on smartphones in Canada, followed by a global beta for PC. The Pokemon Company also announced that the game will be a free-to-play app for both iOS and Android devices. However, they haven’t necessarily given us an exact official release date. In the meantime, let’s wait for further updates regarding this matter.

Before this announcement, there was already an existing TCG app. Pokemon TCG Online, developed by Dire Wolf Digital LLC, will shut down shortly after the game’s launch. The Pokemon Company feels the need to release a fresh and newly updated version of their TCG app. 

What does this mean for Pokemon TCG Online players? There shouldn’t be anything to worry about since players can easily transfer their data to the new game. The only requirement to do this would be to log in to your Pokemon Trainer Club account. This procedure allows players to transfer their cards and some accessories. Sadly, all other accessories, avatar items, and unopened products are non-transferable. It’s worth noting that all unopened products won’t go to waste. Players will receive crystals in Pokemon TCG Live.  

Pokemon TCG Live invites both new and veteran players alike. The Pokemon Company aims to keep up with the times with the release of the updated TCG app. Are you ready to collect ‘em all? Pokemon TCG Live will be coming to mobile and PC soon.

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