PUBG: New State Bots: Are there A.I. enemies on iPhone and Android?

Transitioning to PUBG: New State from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is mostly seamless, though some note that there appears to be a difficulty spike. The presence of A.I. enemies made it possible for most players to get kills in PUBG Mobile, so are there PUBG: New State bots as well? Here’s the lowdown on computer-controlled (CPU) opponents in the latest battle royale mobile game for iPhone (iOS) and Android.

Are there PUBG: New State bots on Android and iPhone (iOS)?

Yes, there are bots in PUBG: New State for iPhone and Android. The new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game features A.I. enemies to fight against in online multiplayer matches.

A.I. bots are seemingly less prevalent in PUBG: New State than in PUBG Mobile, especially early on. PUBG: New State feels like a more competitive game in which users are less likely to encounter the CPU and more likely to face human opposition. It’s worth noting, however, that as a brand-new game player counts are currently high. If the BR application’s popularity eventually begins to decline, lobbies could backfill with an increasingly large number of bots.

Identifying A.I. adversaries in PUBG: New State usually isn’t too hard. Although the game doesn’t specifically mark them as CPU, they often don’t display much intelligence. This pre-release test footage doesn’t paint a great picture of the game’s bots, though they have come along somewhat since then; CPU opponents in the final version aren’t quite so braindead.

The mobile app’s lack of controller support makes touch controls compulsory, so many players could use more bots to hone their skills. It’s also possible that some legitimate players are being mistaken for bots. The somewhat jerky nature of movement while using a touch screen means this can be an easy mistake to make.

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