PUBG New State Expected Release Date for Android and iOS

PUBG New State is the beginning of a new era for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground on mobile phones, but when is its release date? Well, let’s find out.

Originally revealed back in February this year, PUBG New State is a new generation of Battle Royale on mobile platforms as per Krafton, the developer.

Pushing the borders in both improving the gameplay mechanics and visuals, PUBG New State seems to be the beginning of a new level for PUBG on mobile phones.

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The game will take place in a brand new location with slightly futuristic settings, vehicles, and equipment for battle. Depicting the year 2051, in PUBG New State you will still try to be the last man standing, but the rules of war have been updated.

According to the developer, you will be able to use new, unique gameplay mechanics such as drone calls in PUBG New State to get more intel on your surroundings. The game seems to be more fast-paced than the original PUBG as the transportation vehicles are also increased.

PUBG: NEW STATE | Launch Teaser



PUBG: NEW STATE | Launch Teaser





PUBG New State Expected Release Date

According to a previous listing on App Store, PUBG New State is supposed to be launched on October 8. Do note that it’s not an official date as the developer has not confirmed anything regarding the final release date of the game, but it seems to be the most probable release date up until now.

You can pre-register now for PUBG New State on both Android and iOS devices. According to a report by Krafton during last month, over 40 million players had pre-registered for the game until September 16.

Pre-registration now only gives you access to the game at launch but also rewards you with in-game cosmetics.

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