PUBG: New State found bricking Android 12 phones but you can relax as Krafton has released new update

Krafton has released an optional update for Android users of PUBG: New State and it is likely to fix the remaining issues.


  • Krafton has released an update for PUBG: New State for Android.
  • It fixes four major issues but also likely the one that bricked some phones.
  • Krafton has publicly acknowledged the bricking of phones.

PUBG: New State arrived on Thursday for both Android and iOS. The launch did not go as expected, however. Besides the server problems, app crashes, and intermittent glitches in the game, PUBG: New State was also found bricking phones. Several users took to Twitter to report that they lost their Android phone after installing and running PUBG: New State and are now trying to recover the device. Krafton has now released an update for PUBG: New State for Android and it likely brings a fix for the bricking issue.

Krafton calls it an “Optional Update” for Android and there are a bunch of issues that it fixes. According to the patch notes, the new update “changes the default Graphics API settings to OpenGL ES for devices that do not support Vulkan, fixes game crashes related to the Vulkan API that occurred on certain devices, fixes an issue where optimising the game right after launching it would cause the game to crash, fixes other issues that would cause system crashes within the game.”

None of them directly points out the cause behind the handful of incidents where some smartphones were bricked when players tried to log into the game using a Google or Facebook account. But since no new complaints are arriving, a fix for the issue is likely to be a part of the update. I have tried playing PUBG: New State on many Android phones and they all seem to be working fine for me. This means that the issue has affected only a few phones, which, according to some reports, were running Android 12. Well, I tried that too. I used an Oppo Find X3 Pro with ColorOS 12 and did not face any issues apart from the ones related to the game interface.

Tipster Mukul Sharma claimed his Oppo Find X2 Pro got fried after he tried to start the game on it. Although the device was recovered later, the issue is not uncommon. Some other users, too, said their phones were no longer working after they used PUBG: New State on them. But the problem is not widespread.

With the new update, PUBG: New State players should be able to see all the issues ironed out. Although Krafton has not mentioned anything about bricking in the patch notes, it gave a statement to Gadgets 360 saying, “We had sufficient testing on mobile devices with similar spec to Galaxy S7 or models with 2GB RAM and have confirmed smooth functionality of the game.” However, the statement seems unrelated to the bricking issue and Krafton has insisted that it did not come across any incidents of phones getting bricked.

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