Roblox is recovering from a two-day outage, says it will be ‘back up and running ASAP’

It’s not related to Chipotle, but it is pretty spicy

Roblox is one of those games — apps? services? — that, like Fornite, even if you don’t play it, you likely know someone who does. Perhaps your child or nephew or kid across the hall, but given that the last-released figure was 40 million daily players, it’s certifiably popular.

And even if you don’t know how popular it is, you can infer based on the reaction to a two-day outage that began in the evening Eastern time on October 28. While early reports guessed that the outage was due to a Chipotle integration within the game, giving away a million dollars in free burritos to players, Roblox told The Verge that it wasn’t because of an “external intrusion at all.” As of 5pm ET on Saturday, October 30, Roblox’s Twitter account noted that the company had “identified an underlying internal cause of the outage” and that it was doing what needed to be done “to get Roblox back up and running ASAP.”

Roblox is world-building game available on practically every platform, including Android. It’s also one of our favorite Android games to play on a Chromebook, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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