Samsung Music adds proper support for big, foldable screens

Samsung Music is your default music app on Samsung phones, and as such software goes, it’s pretty good — it comes with Spotify integration, plays various music files, sorts them by categories, and integrates with many Samsung smart devices. If all you want is play your offline music library, then it does the job, and does it well. The latest update to Samsung Music improves support for a specific form factor — one that should have been supported for a long time.

We’re talking, of course, about big foldable displays and tablet displays (via: SamMobile). Previously, the now-playing interface would take up the entire screen. Samsung now offers a multi-column view with a list of tracks on the left side, letting its foldable phones and tablets take advantage of their larger screens.

The new large screen look in Samsung Music. Image credits: SamMobile

It’s actually kinda surprising that Samsung’s own apps didn’t feature support for larger screens yet. The original Galaxy Fold was launched in 2019, the Z Fold 3 launched quite recently, and Fold devices are often Samsung’s most premium (and expensive) phones each year. Even outside of the foldable display realm, Samsung has made tablets for a very long time, and one of the usual complaints about Android tablets is that most software work essentially like awkwardly oversized phone apps.

Our guess is that Samsung wants to roll out proper support for larger screens to its apps as it pushes for foldables to become mainstream. That doesn’t explain why Samsung apps didn’t have this already (since it’s been releasing new tablets every year since 2010), but I guess Samsung cares now?

In addition to this interface tweak, the latest Samsung Music update makes the sleep timer feature less disruptive. When you set it to cease playing music at a certain time, the music will now drift out rather than suddenly stop. On Android 11 and later devices, the update also includes a storage permission prompt when trying to export or import playlist backup files. Finally, the mini player’s background color is also changing.

If you have a foldable phone and you want proper large screen support, or if your phone doesn’t but you still want the other update additions, you can grab the latest version of the Samsung Music app from the Google Play Store, from Samsung’s Galaxy Store, or download the APK from APKMirror.

Samsung Music
Samsung Music