Samsung One UI 4 roadmap shows when the rest of its phones should start getting Android 12

The latest update covers ETAs for India


One UI 4, Samsung’s latest skin based on Android 12, was just released for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, and it comes with a slew of improvements, most notably dynamic theming based on your wallpaper’s colors. That’s great for S21 users, but what about everyone else? Samsung has already revealed which phones are in line for the update, and if you’re lucky, there might even be a beta program you can sign up for right now. What we haven’t known, though, is when the stable update will land on all those phones — after all, not everyone is alright running beta software on their daily driver phone. Now a newly shared roadmap from Samsung might start to clear up what we can hope to expect.


An official notice was posted on the Samsung Members Korean forums, then quickly deleted, detailing when the One UI 4 update will roll out to several of the company’s smartphones. If it’s anything to go by, the next phones in line for the update after the S21 series will be the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3, followed by the S20 series, Note20 series, and last-gen foldables, all of which might be updated as soon as next month. Beta programs for all of those phones (except for the older foldables) are already ongoing.

Following that, the new year might kick off with Android 12 coming to even older Samsung flagships (Galaxy Fold, Note10 series, and S10 series) and some mid-range phones. We should also note that this was originally posted in the Korean forums, so it’s safe to assume these dates are good for South Korea — separately, we can see that lists for Brazil and the Middle East will have slightly different dates.

Of course, we should take this with a grain of salt. While this information did come from Samsung, there’s a reason why the original post was deleted. Perhaps the company didn’t want these dates out in the wild yet, or maybe it can’t fully commit to that timeline right now. Nonetheless, if it’s true, it means One UI 4 might arrive at Samsung’s whole fleet of devices quicker than we thought.

UPDATE: 2021/11/16 18:44 EST BY AROL WRIGHT

Indian ETAs confirmed

In addition to this leaked roadmap, Samsung shared one for the Indian market through the Samsung Members forums, as we learned from SamMobile.

Folks in India should expect to get One UI 4 a little later than what the leaked Korean roadmap says. The update will be landing on the Galaxy S21 series in December, followed by the Galaxy Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 that same month. From there, the company’s 2020 and 2019 flagships should start getting updated in January 2022, and the rollout will extend until July.

Check out the following schedule for more info.

Samsung One UI 4 Roadmap India

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