Samsung’s latest One UI 4 beta adds Material You icon theming

Google apps have also started to respect the system theme

Samsung is in the middle of testing its vision of Android 12, with each update to the One UI 4 beta bringing more features and visual tweaks than the last. In addition to fixing some serious bugs and overhauling the Weather app, One UI 4 beta 3 has also added some icon options taken from Pixel phones.

Google’s Material you theming doesn’t just alter your apps and widgets — it also changes the app icons on your homescreen to match your wallpaper. Unfortunately, it’s limited to only a handful of apps so far.

The first One UI 4 beta let us use icon packs from the Play Store on the S21, which had previously been limited to the company’s foldables running One UI 3.1.1. Now beta 3 has added “apply palette to app icons” to the color palette menu. Once you’ve selected your new wallpaper and you’re picking which color theme you want to go with it, you’ll see the new toggle at the bottom of the screen.

Like the option found on Pixels, this tool tints compatible app icons to match your Material You theme, but there’s a catch — it only works with Samsung apps, and not all of them are supported. The Google apps that change icons on Pixels don’t switch themes here. I’m hoping this is just a bug, as it seems unlikely developers would implement two versions of the same feature for Google and Samsung phones.

Another change I’m pleased to see in the latest beta is Material You theming in Google apps. Google’s Material You widgets would change to match your backdrop in the first two beta builds, but the apps themselves wouldn’t. That’s been rectified, and apps like the Play Store, Keep, Gmail, and Photos now respect the system theme. It’s great to see Samsung fully implement one of Android 12’s best features.

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