Seneca County sheriff launches new app for citizens

The mobile app will have a variety of functions and alerts for residents as a method of increasing transparency and accountability within the community.

SENECA COUNTY, Ohio — Seneca County residents will soon have a new way of connecting with their local sheriff’s office.

Since being sworn in back in February, new Seneca County Sheriff Fred Stevens wanted to improve his department’s transparency and accountability.

Along with updating the website, the sheriff’s office will soon launch an app. Built from the “Sheriff’s App” company, it can feature anything the local sheriff chooses.

Stevens says this new app will offer alerts and notifications for weather and road conditions, sheriff sales, press releases, and full info and special functions on all of the county jail inmates.

Stevens knows not everyone in the county will utilize the app, but it offers yet another way to connect with local law enforcement from anywhere.

“I think it just opens up a whole new community engagement area that wasn’t there before. And that’s why I ran, to make the sheriff’s office more accountable, more transparent and more serviceable to the residents in Seneca County,” said Stevens.

Stevens says both the iPhone and Android versions of the new app should go live for download sometime before the end of August.