Should GTA 5 for Android now be the sole focus for Rockstar Games?

There is no shortage of clickbait links on the internet that claim to provide GTA 5 for Android. However, the game doesn’t even have an official mobile port yet.

GTA fans are well aware of GTA 5’s popularity. Not only is it Rockstar’s most successful title, but it’s also the second-bestselling game in history. Its continued success, even after almost a decade, is owed to its multiplayer counterpart, GTA Online.

However, the base game itself has broken several records and has become a household name. This has prompted mobile gamers to demand an Android release of the title.

GTA 5: Should Rockstar focus on porting the game to Android?

Speculation is rife that Rockstar will soon release remasters of the GTA 3D Universe trilogy later this year. Rockstar Dundee is supposedly developing the revamped trilogy, which will be made in Unreal Engine. There has been no official confirmation of this rumor, so it’s difficult to confirm whether it’s true or not.

If these rumors about GTA remasters are true, it means that an Android port of GTA 5 is the furthest thing from Rockstar’s mind right now. This might disappoint fans who still wish to play the game on their mobile devices. However, it is only practical since the mobile market wouldn’t be very lucrative for Rockstar.

GTA Online is responsible for a large portion of GTA 5’s revenue, and it would be much less profitable on Android. The cost of Shark Cards would far exceed the value of most gacha-based purchases on mobile.

Is there any hope of GTA 5 Android?

It isn’t technically impossible to port GTA 5 to Android devices. However, the limited scope for profit coupled with the excessive effort for optimization makes the idea a less feasible choice for Rockstar.

Something akin to this could happen in a few years, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

However, fans can look forward to unofficial ports instead. There have been many fan-made attempts at recreating the HD Universe GTA games. Some of these only contain a particular section of the game, like the Prologue mission from GTA 5.

An indie developer called New Games Corporation has been working to recreate both these games on Android. Their game looks much less impressive than the PC and console variants, but it’s the only way to run these titles on current-gen mobile devices.

However, like with the GTA map mods, these fan-made ports could end up getting DMCA notices from Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company. This would force them to take down the download links to any of their incomplete games.

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