SIEGE: Apocalypse is a military PvP card game out now in Russia on Android

KIXEYE has soft-launched SIEGE: Apocalypse in Russia. Since it has already been released in one country, we hope it will release in more regions. It’s a card game where you strategize your deck and use them to defend your own customised army.

About the Game

SIEGE: Apocalypse is a new card game all about clashing with opponents in head-to-head duels. In this military PvP Card game, you have to battle with players from all over the globe. Your decisions are going to have a massive impact on the battlefield. A bad choice could turn the tide of the match towards you or your opponent. If you are not confident enough in the initial stages, don’t worry! You can practice against bots in offline mode and then strategize your deck and customize it to suit your preferred playstyle.

As you progress you will collect, unlock and upgrade your troops. If you are able to earn a prestigious tier, it gives you early access to unreleased cards. Alliances can be joined or formed to dominate the leaderboards. Every two weeks, there are new challenges to encourage you to discover another side of your deck. New seasons bring new cards and new challenges. And don’t worry if you can’t top the leaderboard, as it gets refreshed every season.

Final Words

SIEGE: Apocalypse is the new card game that might be a good pick for fans of the genre who enjoy tinkering with their deck.

Unfortunately, SIEGE: Apocalypse is only out in Russia on Android. If you are from the country, you can get your hands on the title by downloading it from Google Play. For others, it looks like they will have to wait at least a couple of months for its global launch.

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