Spark Joy! lets players share the joy of tidying using the KonMari Method in a storybook puzzle game, out now on iOS and Android | Articles

There’s just something therapeutic about clearing out the clutter in your life, and now, you can translate that same satisfying feeling onto mobile with bestselling author Marie Kondo’s new mobile game. Launching for both iOS and Android devices, the tidying expert’s Spark Joy! lets players tidy up and solve puzzles in a relaxing, pastel-coloured storybook puzzle game.

In Spark Joy!, players can make use of the KonMari Method™ when it comes to solving puzzles around them, all while a lighthearted musical score accompanies them in the background. The world of the game itself is visually stunning, as you go through the journey of a troubled young girl sparked by joy along with Marie Kondo herself. You’ll go on exciting adventures with adorable spirit beings called Mononoke, sharing happiness and tidiness with a unique cast of characters.

As for the puzzles themselves, there will be two alternating types: Yin and Yang. The former are Zen-like puzzles that can help clear one’s mind, while the latter lets players move cubes around to clear obstacles in a specific shape.

We’ve seen the transformative power of the KonMari Method extend to places beyond the home and into the lives of different communities, and Spark Joy! is a playful representation of how happiness through tidying can be shared with others,” says Marie Kondo, Founder of KonaMari Media, Inc. “I hope people find delight in Spark Joy! as a fun, new way to experience the joy of tidying.”

Spark Joy! is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play for a price tag of $3.99.

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