Streaming radio plays: apps for Android and iOS in comparison

Probably the tradition of storytelling is as old as the taming of fire. People are enthusiastic about a good story from an early age, whether it really happened or purely fictional – it starts with listening to radio plays in childhood. Stories create images in the mind and open a door to a larger world. They are “like a silent film, only the other way around” (Laurel and Hardy).

Radio plays became really popular in the 1970s and that is not least due to the medium. Each generation associates radio plays with different data carriers. Initially, the pieces, performed with assigned roles, appeared on the radio or on record. Very few parents are likely to have left their four-year-olds on their precious Braun Phonosuper SK radio record player in the living room. The breakthrough came with the compact cassette. It’s affordable, handy and easy to use. The massively available cassette recorder in the children’s room caused a boom in children’s radio plays, which continues unabated to this day.

The traditional media, however, are out of date, even if new episodes of the series “The Three Question Marks” still appear on audio cassette. The manufacturer Europe is thus serving a collector’s market for adult enthusiasts who do not want a media break. There are many buyers for CDs, but the fastest and easiest way to hear it is via streaming services. We tested the Europa Hörspiel-Player app and compared what the audiobook apps Audible, BookBeat and Storytel and the music service providers Deezer and Spotify are doing in this area.

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