Tales of Luminaria, an RPG for Android and iOS, announced at Gamescom

We already have Tales of Arise launching in September 10 for all major consoles, but it seems we’re going to get a new Tales game for mobile. Bandai Namco announced “a new project underway” called Tales of Luminaria at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event, along with a sneak preview of Tales of Arise. It’ll be coming to Android and iOS “soon” but it’s likely to be released sometime next year.

The trailer calls the game “a revolutionary new Tale,” and it looks like Tales of Luminaria is going to be a fully-fledged RPG, rather than just a simplified mobile title. The trailer showed several possible characters and their skill sets in battle, including several magic users and sword wielders. The name of the game was patented last year by Bandai Namco, so it may have been in development for at least that long, but otherwise, we don’t have a window on a release.

This is not the first game from the Tales series that has been launched on mobile. Several games in the series have been mobile-exclusive, with the latest being Tales of Crestoria. Some of the games have been RPGs, while others have had a more tactical focus. Tales of Luminaria appears to have some action elements, from what little we can see in the trailer. Several of the characters appear similar to those who have appeared in the series before.

The Tales series is one of gaming’s longest running Japanese RPG series, having been released fairly steadily since 1995. Tales of Arise was originally supposed to be released last year to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary, but it was delayed. The game’s creator has said that it’s best described as a “reboot” as it is intended to be similar to some of the first games in the series. A demo for Arise is currently available to play on consoles.