Technical Guruji: Fix your Apple phone or buy a new Android?

What should you do if you have damaged a part of your phone, fixing which may just cost more than buying a new device?

Apple vs android

I recently cracked the screen on my iPhone. A replacement will cost around 25K. Should I just buy a new Android instead?

—Tavishi, via Instagram 

First, analyse how deeply in the Apple ecosystem you are with accessories and services. Next, for this price bracket, you’d only get a mid-range Android. Are you okay with that? If your current phone is a flagship device like a Pro or a Pro Max, it would be wiser to just replace the screen than to use a mid-range Android phone, in my opinion. Finally, how about adding some money to the 25k and then getting an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 because there are so many deals going on?

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From HT Brunch, November 14, 2021

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