The 4 Best Apps for Sending eCards

We don’t always have the time to go to the store and pick out a good card for every single occasion. And even if we do have the time, it’s so much easier to do all the card browsing on your phone and send it virtually too.

You don’t even have to worry about postage stamps and getting it out in the mail, though there is one option on this list that will allow you to still send a physical card.

Virtual eCard apps also allow you to customize your card with personal pictures, someone’s name, a funny song, and more. Let’s check out what your best options are when it comes to a virtual greeting card app.

1. CardSnacks

CardSnacks is a versatile eCard app that has a ton of beautiful pre-made templates. If you don’t want to use one of the templates or you can’t find one that fits the person you’re giving it to, you can start from scratch and build a custom card.

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That being said, there are so many great templates to choose from that you’ll likely have no issue finding one. There are broad categories like Birthday, Get Well Soon, Thank You, Anniversary, and more. But then CardSnacks also has more niche categories like Bon Voyage, Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, National Dog Day, and so on.

They cover all major occasions, even adding a holiday calendar into the app to help you keep track, and quite a few minor occasions.

If you choose one of CardSnack’s many templates, you can personalize the message inside. You can add photos, text with different color and font options, voice messages, animations, and stickers. Plus, you can even attach music for a fun effect or add in a virtual gift card so you don’t even have to go to a different site for a gift.

Download: CardSnacks for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. Greetings Island

Greetings Island is the perfect app for you if you find yourself constantly needing both virtual greeting cards and virtual invitations. If you want the watermark off the cards, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium subscription for either $2.95 a month or $23.49 a year.

For most people, removing the watermark would be the biggest reason for upgrading and if you’re just sending cards to friends, there’s really no need. Now, if you wanted to send out wedding invitations from the app, that might be worth the upgrade.

There are plenty of awesome invitation and card templates available for free. When you choose a template, you can edit the front, back, and inside of the card with stickers, and change the layout and text font, size, and color.

Once you’re finished editing your design, you can either send a virtual copy of it via email or text, or you can print it from the app. You can also save it as a PDF to further mess with and resize on your computer before printing.

The app has a wide variety of categories for both greeting cards and invitations, including Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, Sympathy, Sorry, and more. Within each category, there are more niche tags. For example, in the Birthday category, there are tags like For Her, For Him, Belated, Funny, Milestone, Kids, and Family.

Download: Greetings Island for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

3. TouchNote

TouchNote is another awesome custom card maker that allows you to put your personal touch on someone’s greeting for their special day.

What’s unique about TouchNote is that you can design the card through the app and then send the physical card either to yourself or directly to the recipient. The cost of shipping worldwide is incorporated into the price of the card so you don’t pay anything extra.

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What’s even more awesome is that these cards don’t cost more than a lot of cards you find in physical stores. The main difference between those cards and the ones in TouchNote is that you can fully customize the card in TouchNote.You can change the message inside, the text layout, the font style, and even the inside color of the envelope.

You can send postcards from TouchNote as well, also with free worldwide shipping.

Download: TouchNote for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. justWink

justWink is the virtual greeting card app from American Greetings, the card company. You can use the app to send eCards via text, email, or even through your social media outlet of choice. When it sends, it’ll open up for the recipient just like a physical card would.

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When it comes to categories, justWink has just about everything covered. A few of the categories include Birthday, Wedding, Thanks, Congrats, and Anniversary. Then, for each of those main categories, there are subcategories.

Some categories only have two or three subcategories, but some have six or seven; for example, the Birthday category has seven subcategories, a few of which include For the Lovers, For Whoever, Half-Birthday, and Fashionably Late.

Because justWink has such niche subcategories, it can feel like you’re actually in the store looking for a specialized card instead of just grabbing a generic birthday card.

Many of the cards are locked behind a premium paywall that costs $19.99 per year.

But there are plenty of free options that you can personalize as well that are just as cute. For each subcategory, there are usually at least a couple of free options so you won’t feel too stifled for not having a premium subscription. You can add a photo and customize the message inside the card.

Download: justWink for Android | iOS (Free, premium subscription available)

Go Virtual With Your Greeting Cards

Sending a virtual card cuts down on paper and, most importantly, saves you time and money. And although some might argue that anything other than a paper card lacks that personal touch, being able to customize an eCard with a photo of the two of you or a voice message definitely adds a personal element.

If sending an eCard still just feels like it’s not your thing, there are other ways you can send a beautiful greeting to someone while saving money, time, and the environment. You can send someone a cute video message, give them a call on their special day, or even just send a quick text letting them know you’re thinking about them.

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