The 6 Best iPhone Apps for Knitting & Crochet Enthusiasts

Knitting and crocheting is a pretty niche hobby these days. Hobbies that can be performed purely with your hands seem detached from the rise of smartphones. But in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just as there are apps for the adult coloring books and artist communities, so too are there apps for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts.

1. LoveCrafts Knitting

LoveCrafts Knitting is a sleek, responsive app that keeps things simple and allows you to store your patterns all in one place. After signing up, it allows you to connect the app to your account at both LoveCrafts and Ravelry in order to import your patterns.

You can also download a number of patterns from the Free Patterns tab.

When opening a pattern, there are various drawing utensils on the screen, allowing you to cross out sections of the pattern that you’ve completed. By using the Marker, Highlighter, or Eraser, you can keep on top of the pattern even if you’ve come back to it weeks later, and you can use the Notes for more assistance with a particular pattern.

The app also has a Counter to help you keep track of where you are in the pattern. Adding a social element, LoveCrafts has a section for Photos where you can upload finished patterns as well as view photos from other users of the pattern.

Download: LoveCrafts Knitting for iOS (Free)

2. Bellish

Bellish is extremely helpful for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts who like to create their own patterns. With a modern, user-friendly design, Bellish makes it quick and easy to create and download patterns—with in-depth filters available to make any pattern possible.

The app currently has two tabs: Discovery and My Designs. Discovery lets you look at different types of Embellishments, Yarns, and Garments, while also linking to the Yarn Store. My Designs features all of the designs you’ve created, which is where the nitty-gritty of Bellish comes into play.

Creating a design is made really simple—taking you through the Base, Options (which offer more advanced design details), Embellishments, Yarn, Size, and so on. By grouping together different aspects of the designs, Bellish makes creating patterns simple regardless of your skill level.

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A more social aspect to the app would be a great update, but Bellish, while a bit barebones, provides a lot of value to the knitting and crocheting community.

Download: Bellish for iOS (Free)

3. Knitting Genius

Counting can get a bit difficult if you’re regularly being distracted. Knitting Genius is a knitter or crocheter’s best friend, offering a counter to ensure you never forget where you are in a pattern.

You can select patterns based on difficulty, size, gender, and so on, and the app will give you a number of rows you will need for the specific project. The app also has Tutorials, and a Community section to connect you with other knitting and crocheting hobbyists.

You can use the Swatch Adapter to input measurements for stitches and rows of a particular garment, which can be particularly helpful for ensuring the fabric of your garment is simulated as closely as possible.

Beginners will get a lot out of this app, but even more experienced knitters and crocheters will benefit if they are always getting disrupted while working on a project. Its counter features plus its social networking inclusion make Knitting Genius a complete asset to knitting and crocheting enthusiasts.

Download: Knitting Genius for iOS | Android (Free)

4. knitCompanion

knitCompanion allows you to import your patterns from either Ravelry or Dropbox and convert them to a PDF format in the app. Once on the specific pattern, you can use its Counter and Marker, which assist you in keeping track of where you are.

While the design is not as sleek as some of the other apps featured, its simple importing and exporting ability and in-app Counter and Marker make it a useful companion app for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts.

Its affordable Premium model allows more features, such as in-app notetaking and more PDF customization.

Download: knitCompanion for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Knitting Chart

Knitting Chart is a fun, comprehensive app, with a few useful features. It allows you to import patterns from your device’s files or your iCloud Drive—for storing or editing. When creating a project, you can Draw a Chart, get a simple Row Counter, Import a PDF, or Draw a Freeform Chart.

The app gives you various settings to input when creating a chart: size settings, number of columns and rows, and more. The sheer number of features for when you’re on the newly created chart are impressive.

The chart for which the app takes its name is easy to use, if a little overwhelming initially. You have a selection of knitting symbols, hidden row counters, and much more. The point is that the app has everything you could need for a knitting chart, you just need to be ready for lots of tabs and lots of sections.

The premium section gives more tools, but the app is perfectly comprehensive on the free version while you’re getting to grips with its layout. Though it may not be as friendly and quick as Bellish or LoveCrafts Knitting, it is unrestrictive in what it offers.

Download: Knitting Chart for iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Vogue Knitting

While Vogue Knitting’s brick-and-mortar stores have faced a bit of trouble in the past year, its app offers a lot of information and entertainment for knitting and crocheting enthusiasts.

It features recent episodes of the Vogue Knitting Podcast, News, Resources for Knitters, and advertisements for Events. They also have the Magazines available for purchase in-app, with a subscription available.

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Vogue Knitting isn’t as helpful or as much as a tool as the other apps featured in this list, but it does offer you a community feeling. The Resources are helpful for beginners and the podcasts feel cheerful and conversational. Vogue Knitting exposes you to new techniques and ideas and offers a community add-on to your hobby.

Download: Vogue Knitting for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

Needle in a Yarn-Stack

Knitting and crocheting can be made easier with the use of these apps, allowing you to automate a lot of the more tedious aspects of the hobby. Knitting Genius and Vogue Knitting offer a sense of community, connecting with other enthusiasts and discovering others’ techniques and creations.

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