The 8 Best Apps to Help Actors Memorize Their Lines

When you’re an actor, there is more to the delicate skill of acting than just memorizing lines. But there’s no arguing that memorization is also an essential part of it.

If you need help memorizing your lines, you no longer need to rely on a friend or family member to rehearse with you. Below, is a list of the best apps to help you run your lines. These apps let you hear your lines in different voices, act as teleprompters, and can even replay your dialogue aloud.

1. LineLearner

Using LineLearner, you can upload your script in PDF or Word format, record a scene, and then listen to your recording. In addition to recording your script, it also lets you share your lines. This means you can practice with other cast members even when you’re apart, as other actors can record their lines and send them to you.

And in case you forget your line, you can tap the Prompt button to remind yourself. You can change the pitch of other characters’ lines as well, helping you differentiate their lines from yours.

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LineLearner is one of the most affordable apps for actors, as it allows you to connect with one another for $3.99.

Download: LineLearner for iOS | Android ($3.99)

2. coldRead

coldRead acts like a reading partner. As you record every line in your script, the app automatically transcribes them. When you’re ready to rehease, it will read your partner’s lines back to you on cue.

You can even control the pace of the reading, and take advantage of its teleprompter feature. Besides helping you learn your script, coldRead also lets you easily self-tape an audition.

Unfortunately, coldRead isn’t free, and it’s only available for iPhone.

Download: coldRead for iOS (Free, subscription required)

3. Script Rehearser

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Script Rehearser is a free app for actors. It helps you memorize and practice lines for your script, speech, or presentation. With Script Rehearser, you can record your lines or use one of the app’s synthetic voices to hear your lines read back to you.

To get started, you can import your script or input your lines manually. It will read them back to you whenever your want.

Depending on how you prefer to learn your lines, you can customize your line learning experience with the following reading modes:

  • Listen along: You simply listen to Script Rehearser read your script. You may play, stop, or jump to the next or previous line.
  • Wait for me: Script Rehearser will stop before your lines, and will then resume when you’re ready.
  • Repeat for confirmation: Script Rehearser pauses to let you say your line. It will then speak the same line for confirmation.
  • Run through: Script Rehearser stops in order for you to say your line, and will then continue to the next line.

Download: Script Rehearser for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

4. Rehearsal Pro

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Rehearsal Pro is one of the more versatile line-learning choices available. It allows you to upload a script, mark it, and most importantly, record whatever portions you choose.

The software also lets you highlight your lines, blackout certain sections to help with memorization, and even serves as a teleprompter. Rehearsal Pro lets you adjust the scene’s pace, as well as repeat or rewind it.

Some internal problems have lowered the app’s position on the App Store. But many users believe that the $19.99 investment for all of Rehearsal Pro’s features is well worth it.

Download: Rehearsal Pro for iOS ($19.99)

5. Run Lines With Me

Run Lines With Me is similar to an audio recording app. Once you’ve recorded your lines, you can replay them at your leisure. You can also opt to include pauses where your lines should be, letting you practice reciting your lines.

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You can record up to 10 free 15-minute recordings. But if you want unlimited recordings, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee.

Download: Run Lines With Me for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Speechify

How to use the Speechify Extension?

Speechify isn’t exclusively for rehearsing scripts, but it can still help you learn your lines. It’s a free tool that converts text into audio—you simply import your script, and the app can read it back to you.

The best part is, your uploaded content will sync across all your devices that you have Speechify on. This means that you’ll be able to switch back and forth between using your computer or mobile device to learn your lines.

Download: Speechify for iOS | Android | Chrome (Free, in-app purchases available)

7. Natural Reader

Like Speechify, Natural Reader also isn’t specifically geared towards actors. However, this text-to-speech app can still read back any text that you feed it, including your script. It also has natural-sounding voices, so it won’t sound as if you’re rehearsing with a robot.

Aside from helping you learn your script, Natural Reader is also a useful tool for anyone who struggles with dyslexia and other reading disabilities. The app includes over 50 types of voices and 20 languages.

Download: Natural Reader for Android | iOS | Chrome (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a handy browser extension that converts the text found on a webpage to audio. This is useful if your script is available on Google Docs, or in a PDF format.

You can have Read Aloud read your script back to you, as well as take advantage of the extension’s tools to pause and play the script. You can also change the reader’s voice, pitch, and speed.

Download: Read Aloud for Chrome | Firefox | Edge (Free)

Learn Your Script the Right Way

There are many people who prefer the good ol’ days of rehearsing your script with a friend or family member. However, you don’t have to bother anyone with these apps, as they serve as an all-in-one reading partner.

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