The 9 Best Project Portfolio Management Tools You Should Try

When you have too many projects on your plate, staying organized and informed can be difficult. A project portfolio management tool saves you from the time-consuming task of looking at each project separately. It makes the revision process easy by displaying all the important records in one place.

Take a look at the following list of project portfolio management tools and choose one that suits your needs.

GanttPRO is a sophisticated project portfolio management solution that does not have any complicated features. This tool is the right choice if you want a simple app for managing resources, expenses, risks, and tasks of multiple projects in one place.

Managing workload and resources becomes seamless with this app, as it lets you administer your aggregated workflow by smooth allocation and reallocation of tasks. Its intuitive Gantt chart timeline offers a big picture view of all the projects. Besides, you can efficiently manage the roles of your team members to achieve the business goals.

This tool also offers seamless integration with Google Drive and Jira Software. Moreover, you can utilize its API for custom integrations through workflow automation.

Download: GanttPRO for Android | iOS (Starts from $15/mo)

Hive is the right project portfolio management solution for you if team collaboration is your top priority during project management. It showcases all the necessary project details, updates, and documents in a single dashboard. Hence, you can see what’s causing the project delay.

It also offers next-level team coordination for real-time collaboration through native chat. The action list feature of this tool keeps you updated with upcoming tasks and deadlines.

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Instead of toggling between numerous apps, you can integrate this tool with an array of applications like Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Zendesk, Quickbooks, OneDrive, Dropbox, Gmail, Salesforce, Google Drive, etc. Moreover, this app lets you seamlessly switch between granular and birds-eye views of your projects.

Download: Hive for Windows | macOS | Android | iOS (Free)

An image of project portfolio timeline in Celoxis

Celoxis is a feature-rich project portfolio management system that offers support for organizations of all sizes. This intuitive tool comes with an easily comprehensible dashboard that displays compiled data of all projects.

Apart from the portfolio management features, this app offers attributes useful for project accounting, collaboration, project outlining, task request tracking, and resource management. The customizable dashboard lets you set up the most crucial portfolio KPIs and keep track of them effortlessly.

Using this software, you can optimize workload with cross-portfolio resource allocation based on expertise, responsibility, and availability. You can also integrate this app with more than 400 third-party tools including, Jira, Slack, Salesforce, QuickBooks Online, Excel, etc.

A visual display of Avaza project portfolio management app

Avaza is a project management app that you can also use to manage your project portfolio. You can track the time invested in every project and ensure task collaboration across different projects.

The powerful features of this platform allow you to automate your workplace by breaking down teamwork into individual tasks and assigning them to team members. It lets you allocate the resource across multiple projects based on the requirement. You can also check the aggregate timesheet to bill the client.

This app also offers integration with more than 500 popular tools including, Google Workspace, Slack, Evernote, Jira, Quickbooks, and Dropbox.

An image showing the project portfolio view in GoodDay

GoodDay is the modern platform that offers a combination of the best tools for high-level project management. You can use this to manage your project portfolios like a pro. The app allows you to plan for customized workflows, check the status of all your projects, and create a portfolio health report.

The project health dashboard offers a complete overview of the portfolio progress, risks, and priorities for you to check at a glance. You can also generate tailored views that will display crucial data and KPIs of your choice. Make your own procedure, views, and preferences to keep your projects organized with this tool.

Download: GoodDay for Android | iOS (Free)

Targetprocess is the project portfolio management tool suitable for agile projects. Medium-sized companies can make the best use of this software through features like visualization and agile project management. Use this platform to manage your tasks, time, people, and budgets for the timely delivery of the projects.

Portfolio budgeting, portfolio item prioritization, resource allocation, risk assessment, issue tracking, etc., are some highlighted features of this app. Its portfolio dashboard helps you track project portfolio performance without much effort.

When it comes to managing multiple projects together, this app lets you apply Scrum, Kanban, or other custom approaches. You can identify the most suitable method for any project with this platform.

A visual showing the Changepoint PPM portal

Changepoint is the Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) software you can use for product development and services delivery. This flexible tool helps you in agile projects by providing real-time analysis and changes in the market. Its powerful data-driven insights fuel successful project management.

This dynamic app lets you scale the project portfolios according to your needs. It also supports portfolio road-mapping depending on your strategy. Both SMEs and enterprises will benefit from this solution.

This all-in-one platform aids you in the process of full portfolio coordination. Use its priority boards for working on the current projects and incorporating new ideas. You can also easily visualize your project and program roadmap in it.

Besides being a task management solution, Asana is also useful as a project profile management tool. Regardless of your organization size, you’ll benefit from this app while simultaneously managing multiple projects. It offers a high-level overview of all your current projects with a simple UI for quick navigation.

However, you can also track the project progress separately with a single view. As the powerful features of this software offer detailed performance insights, risk management becomes easier. The focus mode of this app allows you to work on tasks that align with your strategy.

Its integration facility supports G Drive, Box, Slack, Dropbox, and many other popular tools.

Download: Asana for Android | iOS (Free)

If you’re new to project portfolio management, you can opt for Planview. This highly beneficial portfolio and resource management app will help resource management and portfolio prioritization. With this solution, you can improve your project portfolio, control your capacity, and keep plans and resources in sync for executing projects on time.

Avoid project delays with better collaboration through integrated portfolio management. This feature allows you to assess relationships between projects and technology portfolios.

This platform also offers features, such as strategy translation, team collaboration, financial planning, reporting & analytics, resource capacity management, time tracking, etc. Using these, you can prioritize work by considering worth and deadline.

Project Portfolio Management Made Easy

Simultaneously managing multiple projects is not a walk in the park. However, all the above solutions provide robust metrics for a complete analysis of project status.

The proper use of these apps will ensure enhanced productivity and timely work delivery.

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